About Me

Hi! I’m Hannah, the person behind Bound to Glow.

An introvert at heart, most days you can find me trying to soak up all of the information which the internet, a book, or a podcast has to offer.

However, my introversion does not stop me from wanting to form deep connections with others. Which is why I created Bound to Glow. I have struggled with mental health and body image issues for most of my life. By putting my words on a screen and sending them out into the world, I hope to help at least one person feel less alone. Showing that even through all of the tiring struggles, the happy days make it worthwhile to keep going.

Here – I share the happy, the sad… and how to expand the happy.

I hope by stumbling upon my site, you see something of value that you can take with you, allowing you to see the glow in life and in yourself.