Motivation is Not Everything

As a person who blogs consistently about motivation, why would I be saying that motivation is not everything?

I’m not saying that motivation isn’t useful, I’m saying that motivation alone is not enough to get us to where we want to be. No successful human being wakes up every day feeling motivated.

If you think of motivation as the fuel used to reach goals, you will begin to understand why motivation is not everything. Motivation is not the car or the parts that make up the car, just as motivation is not always apart of our personality or our mindset.

Our motivation exists within us like fuel exists within vehicles. With a tank nearing empty, a car will only be able to go so far before there is no gasoline left to run on. Sadly, cars do not come equipped with an endless supply of gasoline. The same is true for motivation —

We have to fill up our tank every once in a while.

And just like cars, we do not come into this world with an endless supply of motivation. We have to re-fill our mind with motivational thoughts.  Every person is different and has different motivators. This can involve visualizing your goals, looking up success stories, or anything else that fills up your mind with motivation —

We all take different kinds of fuel.

You will have days where you wake up and don’t feel motivated. So sometimes, you have to look outside of yourself to find something that will motivate you. But you will also have days where you feel completely unable to be motivated. On days like these, you have to push your car to the nearest gas station or face the price of getting your car towed. You cannot reach your goals if you stop trying on the days that you run out of fuel —

You have to find ways to keep going, even when you don’t feel like it.

I hope this metaphor has helped you look at motivation more clearly, so that you can harness it more effectively in your own life.

Thank you for reading,
Hannah @ Habitesque


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