The 5 People You Need to Cut out of Your Life to be Successful

They say we are the sum of the top five people we spend our time with.

When you want to be successful and be happy, it is important to be conscious of who you let into your inner circle. The goal is to only surround yourself with people that are genuinely rooting for you.

Read this list to find out what kind of people are hindering your success and happiness:

1. The Entitled

This person feels that they are entitled to all of the good things life has to offer, merely because they exist. The world owes them something. People like this will likely view your accomplishments as something to compete with. They feel they deserve to have a better life than everyone around them, and they will do whatever it takes to make that happen. They have no remorse for taking the things they feel they deserve.

2. The Negative Nancy

Whenever you bring up a topic of interest or an idea you would like to pursue, this person points out all of the reasons that the topic is stupid, or why your idea will fail. Sticking around this person means that you are sticking around to have the things you’re most passionate about turned into jokes. This person doesn’t see success as a likely option — for either of you.

3. The Egoist

You can tell when you are around these people when you start to feel alone, even when you’re in the presence of another person. Relationships are based upon a genuine connection between two or more people, and this person is uninterested in forming that genuine connection. Everyone in this person’s life is only there as a means for their self-esteem. You will not be genuinely heard by this person. And as a result, you may start questioning your self-worth.

4. The Gossip

The Gossip will bring up every negative aspect of another person’s life before confronting their own. These types of people are masking their own insecurities by talking about the things they think others should be insecure about. Not only is it emotionally draining to be around the Gossip, but the negative thoughts they share about other people will seep into your mind. When you think lowly of others, you also begin to think lowly of yourself.

5. The Manipulator

This person only looks out for themselves while creating a façade that they care about you and others. Manipulators will seem friendly and giving, but this is only to get something back in return. They get to know you and what makes you happy so that they can fulfill their hidden agenda — getting something they want from you. With their true intentions masked, these people are likely to form a closer bond with you, making them harder to differentiate and one of the most dangerous people you meet on your path of success.

Did this list make you think of anyone in your life?

Note: It is not cruel to distance yourself from people who have bad intentions. You have to be willing to look out for your own happiness, because nobody else can do it for you.

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~ Hannah @ Habitesque


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